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Welcome to Kamuli Care Orphan Uganda
Praise the lord my brother`s and sister`s by the name of Jesus Christ am GWENO MICHEAL working as the director at this ministry/project KAMULI CARE ORPHAN UGANDA its located in kamuli district in Uganda we care to orphans especially those who are living under a positive life especially those who are HIV positive, blind people, elders and included the street kids but we as the staff members we face such problems e.g. food shortage, medical for the orphans, clothes, schools fees, rent for the place where keep these orphans and salaries to pay some of the worker though some work as voluteers an many others so friends am jusrt requesting you for your support/help to stand with me me to see that my ministry is the best ministries in all in uganda our MOTTO is IN GOD WE TRUST  I know friends we can make it possibles so let the blood of our living God be with us AMEN AND AMEN.
We help children with scholastic materials especially those who have no means and ways to get them .
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Helping the Elderly

Our Ministry Helps the elderly people in our locality to ensure that they have access to some basic needs 
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 we care for orphans espeacially those whose parents died of HIV/AIDS
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Child Early Development

We Also help groom and rise infants with limited parental care. we provide meals and moral support 

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Our  Motivation
Not Leaving any body Behind
At KCOU, We are determined to have all underprivileged children to be at the same level with those who have the access to some necessities of life. God Being Our Helper we hope to make it
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